Upcoming events in the life of our FaithPC congregation.

For more events including our campus partners, see campus-wide events.

Churches/Organizations: (FPC)Faith PC; (WF)Wildflower UU; Filipino Church; (PFLAG)Parents and Friends of Lesbians And Gays; Narcotics Anonymous

Buildings: (SAN)Sanctuary; (FH)Fellowship Hall; (PAR)Parlor; (NUR)Nursery; (Den)Den; (WCR)Wildflower Community Room; (CL1-2) Classroom Bldg room 1 or 2; (OC) Off Campus.

For the old-timers who remember the Multi-Purpose Room next to the FaithPC office, that’s now the Wildflower Community Room (WCR).

See our campus map for help locating each of these.

FaithPC Campus Map