Children and Families

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years and in divine and human favor.” Luke 2:52

It’s easy to see how highly children are valued at Faith. Kids are integral and visible in Sunday worship with opportunities to participate by ringing the bell in the bell tower to signal worship is about to begin or lighting the Christ candle. There is a weekly Children’s Message in worship led by Pastor Amy where kids can have a “hands-on” time just for them.

At Faith, we want to partner with parents to raise children and youth who trust God with their hearts, and follow Christ with their lives. And although we strive to make the time your child spends with us the best part of their week…we know nurturing authentic faith goes way beyond Sunday morning, so we strive to equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their family. You get way more time with your children than we do over the course of their lifetime! Let’s partner together!

Children’s Sunday School

During the school year, there is a Children’s Sunday School hour after worship where a preschool and elementary aged curriculum is taught. Middle School and High School programming is also being developed so that tweens and teens have opportunities to grow and live out their faith. We believe that all kids should be led to grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship–just like we’re told Jesus did in Luke 2:52.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are children welcome in worship?

Yes! We love to have children of all ages in our sanctuary. There is a Children’s Message in the first half of the service for all ages of children present. Nursery care is available for infants and toddlers during the worship hour. There is a rocking chair in the narthex available to parents as well.

Is it safe to leave my child?

We prioritize the safety of our children. Your child’s well-being is very important to us and we want to ensure we’re following every safety measure to ensure that. You are invited to read our Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures.

Every volunteer 18 and older is required to pass a background check and complete a child safety course before they’re approved to serve children and vulnerable adults at Faith.

Can I have my child baptized?

As one of two Sacraments celebrated in PCUSA, baptism is a gift from God, given to remind us of the grace of Jesus Christ. Whether we are baptizing an infant, a child, or an adult, we believe that God’s love for each person began before the foundations of the earth were laid. Through baptism we affirm our role as the family of God in helping one another to know and walk in that love. Therefore, we baptize in community, as part of our worship, so we can affirm that covenant as a community of faith. Please contact Pastor Amy to have a conversation about baptism.

Is this church safe for my LGBTQ+ child?

Yes! As an open, inclusive, affirming church, your child will be met with love and acceptance no matter how they identify. We follow the radically inclusive model of Jesus! Every single child who walks through our doors will be cherished and loved.

Still have questions?

Please speak with an usher or greeter as you arrive at the sanctuary. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you enjoy your visit. If you have a specific question you need answered before you attend, email

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